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Five years ago Andrei, a spiritual leader and World Team Moldova partner, accepted a teaching job in Birnova, a village of 3,500 people with no evangelical church. Shortly after Andrei began teaching history there, he was called into the Principal’s office. He was asked what sect he was from, because many had shared concerns about his teaching wrong religious ideas to the students.  Andrei agreed to not push his religion and do his job.


Over the next year, Andrei developed a friendship with the Principal and coordinated with World Team to send a Global Health Outreach medical team into the Birnova community. This opportunity deepened the relationship and trust between the two men.  In Summer, two partnering churches visited the Birnova community again for ministry outreach that included a service project for the school. Each act of service and love shown to the school and the village made a greater impression on the Principal.


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Recently the Principal shared with Richard that God had been getting his attention. He said he could not pray for several weeks, then someone (most likely an Orthodox Christian) told him to put a candle in front of an icon, he did, but it did not work. He asked what this meant and was sincerely desiring to understand what God was trying to say to him. We knew that God was at work in his heart.  About the same time  as the team’s visit, a packet of religious literature, designed specifically for principals arrived at the school.   The Principal asked for Andrei and Richard’s opinions about the literature.  He wanted to know if it was correct so it could be taught to the students so they would know more about God and the Bible.  The package was from a coalition of Evangelical mission organizations in Romania, desiring to reach school principals! WOW! God is at work!

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