Sasha and Sara Pascal

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Sasha, who is from Moldova, and Sara, who is from the United states, met in Moldova in 2008, while Sara was serving there as a missionary.
They came to the Unites States in 2010 and were married that summer. They have spent the past few years living near Bellingham, Washington preparing to return to Moldova as church planters and trainers.

Sasha and Sara have a passion for making disciples and training them to make disciples. They spent three years working in youth ministry and are now helping plant small Gospel Communities in their neighborhood. Sasha is beginning a church-planters’ training program through their local church, Redeemer.  They welcomed baby Adela, in September 2014. They also have a passion for kids from hard places and will continue as foster parents until they return to Moldova.   The Pascals are praying to return to Moldova, fully trained and fully funded, in 2016.

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