Pray for the Communities of Believers

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Ocnita – partnering with a spiritual leader & family.  He is a regional leader and working in Birnova where there is no church.  Assisting in equipping a ministry team from existing church in Ocnita to reach the unreached village of Birnova.

  • Pray for new believers in Birnova and for the community center to used as a tool for gathering and making disciples.
  • Pray for the ministry team to catch the vision to continue making disciples that make disciples

Briceni – Global Health Outreach has worked with an existing church of Coteala to spread the Gospel in the school, orphanage and throughout the village.

  • Pray for the seeds that were sown to be watered and take root.
  • Pray against the influence of cults in the area.
  • Pray for regional training to equip spiritual leaders and networking amongst like minded church leaders.


Grigoriopol – partnering with pastor & young family

  • Pray for leadership development and the releasing of new leaders

Maximivca – partnering with a pastor & family; church & several home groups.

  • Pray for 20 new “light houses” to be established.  Light Houses are open homes of for Bible studies and gatherings to take place throughout the village.

Mereni – no church; health care outreach & blessings ministry to the visually impaired, handicapped and under resourced have been used to share the Gospel.


Ungheni – discipling a young family, with a community of believers focusing on youth, music, sports and extreme camps.  Spiritual leadership is doing a great job of training and releasing leaders.

  • Pray for interdependence to be strengthened in the city of Ungheni amongst churches.


Cantemir – partnering with an apostolic spiritual leader.  He is regional leader who overseas ministry & house churches in other villages.

Gura Bicului – discipling a couple, owners of a bakery & café, who work with a struggling community of believers in their area.

Varnita – partnering with a couple ministering in a small church with a kid’s soup kitchen each week.

Costesti – equipping a family; 1 house group.

  • Pray for disciples and communities of believers to be planted in a town of over 10,000 with no Evangelical church.

Danceni – equipping a family; small group of believers meeting in a building

  • Pray for disciples and communities of believers to be planted in a town of over 4,500 with no Evangelical church.


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