Discipleship (5)Training can be defined as structured activity aimed at providing  information and  instructions to improve a recipient’s performance or give a higher level of knowledge. But training within the Christian scope is so much more. Our goal is more than knowledge, but to invest in others though real life encounters that model discipleship.  This was the method that Christ used to train, mentor, and disciple those He called.

Jesus walked and ministered with His COMMUNITY of twelve disciples. His time was spent with His core group for the purpose of modeling and teaching.


Ladies' Home groupTherefore, our weekly focus is investing in 3-5 core spiritual leaders, who will intentionally go and do the same with other Moldovans. Quarterly, we have overnight events, where we host interactive training sessions focused on spiritual  development, evangelism, discipleship and reproducible church structure. Annually, we host a church planters’ family camp, where we  encourage, equip and care for families who are on the front lines of ministry.


Jeff & Julian Ultimately training involves lifelong learning. It is a process where we are all called to learn from those we are called to serve. Come join us as we learn from and train alongside our Moldovan brothers and sisters.