GHO  stephen with boy doc with patient
Global Health Outreach (GHO)  is the missions’ arm of the Christian Medical and Dental Association. We have partnered with Global Health Outreach to work alongside Moldovan missionaries and church planters since 2008.

Moldova is unique for GHO in that medical teams are hosted in national homes, not hotels or medical compounds. Some host families are Christians associated with a local church, while other team members live with nonbelieving families.

The Christian medical providers bring their professional expertise to clinic days in a rural setting. The usual 8-12 member medical staff sees between 500-900 people each week. While this may seem like a large number, the staff enjoys the slow clinic pace, which allows time to focus on the patient’s physical and spiritual health.   All services, including medications and eye glasses are provided free of charge.

The focus on evangelism and making disciple makers is at the heart of each Global Health Outreach team. They serve by treating physical needs while sharing their faith and offering prayer for and with each patient.

“This is the only country where we actually are housed in national homes, which has made this a repeat trip for many GHO vets with the wonderful village outreaches, the relational people, rich culture and the response to the Gospel.”  Ron Brown, a GHO Team Leader