There is power in blessing others in the name of Jesus!

Since Summer 2013, World Team Moldova has partnered with River Ridge Church, Charleston, VW  in developing a Blessings Ministry.  The ministry communicates Christ’s love and compassion to the lost, as teams deliver food gift bags, through a face to face visit. The main goal of the Blessings Ministry is to find men and women of peace  and to see new communities of believers raised up.

In January 2014, River Ridge Church returned to brave  weather in the near blizzard conditions. We  partnered with Stas and Aia to visit a few homes with food bags and the message of Christ’s love.  As a result of these visits, one home has opened the door to studying God’s Word.

With each visit, the team is led by  Moldovan believers, in whom we are spiritually investing. Those  leaders strategically includes a disciple to model and train in servant leadership. Transformation happens when the leader and disciple  catch the vision of going and making disciples.

The exciting part is not about one visit and a food bag, but the goal of finding the person of peace to become a lighthouse for their community. Our hope is that this lighthouse will become a place where people can come to know God, His Word and fellowship as a new community of believers!

The Blessings ministry has continued and expanded to other regions incorporating additional believers and ministry partners.  Praise God, in Grigriopol,  one woman’s faithful efforts have led to a new family attending the local church! Global Health Outreach and Fielder Road Church, Texas regularly plan blessings visits as a part of their ministry with short term teams. With each visit, disciples are trained to go and the love and compassion of Christ is shown to those in need.

Sometimes a food bag isn’t a family’s immediate need, it’s wood for winter heat.  Pray that God will use the Blessings Ministry as a tool to be effective in making and multiplying disciples that will become new communities of believers!