Lead Yourself-Lead Your Family-Lead Your Community

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World Team Moldova doesn’t just want to see churches multiplied and disciples made, we want to see healthy churches multiplied and deep-rooted reproducing disciples made. The team in Moldova is now pursuing relationships, ministries and projects around what we call the 3Ls.

Lead Yourself-Lead Your Family-Lead Your Community

Disciples of Jesus, whether lay workers, established pastors or church planters should be leading in all of these areas of life and not just focused on one. A man who is leading himself and seeking God in private will be filled personally and be able to serve those around him. A mom or a dad who is creating personal spiritual growth opportunities for their kids will be making disciples in their own home. They will be ready to make disciples in their neighborhood and in their church.

World Team Moldova is creating opportunities for leaders in Moldova to grow in each of these three areas. We are providing important training opportunities for men to learn how to lead themselves and their families and develop the characteristics of an elder. We arranged a seminar about parenting with God and grace with hundreds of believers in attendance. We spend time each month with church planters in support, prayer, accountability and counsel.

More importantly, the members of World Team Moldova strive to model Lead Yourself-Lead Your Family-Lead Your Community. We pursue quiet times, accountability in our own lives and spiritual disciplines. We try to discipline our children with grace, model repentance and bring the Word of God into our daily lives. We include our families in ministry. We all serve in a local church.

As we focus more and more on the 3Ls, we believe we will see more strong Christian Moldovan families in leadership. We hope to see pastors mentoring their children in the home and pastors’ wives finding time to read the Bible. Overall, we hope that if Jesus’ disciples are leading themselves, their families and their communities, healthy church and church growth will be natural.

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