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By Julia Quinn

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In my opinion, Lydia is wise to choose prime goods like Wray, rather than wait until the best picks are all gone. " "Oh, good Lord," Sara exclaimed with a strangled laugh. "Between you and Lydia, I don't know who is more exasperating. What about hope, and romance, and magic? " Reaching over the edge of the tub, she played with the dark hair revealed by the open neck of his shirt. " Sliding his hand behind her neck, Derek urged her face closer to his. " Her breath hitched with a laugh. " His mouth glided to the soft hollow behind her ear, while his fingertips roamed over her wet shoulders.

Which Dr. Linley? " "The son," Wray replied with a grimace. "Damn, I didn't mean to let that slip out. " She scowled at the discovery. "When did Linley advise you not to propose, and what were his reasons? " "Lydia, hush," Wray counseled softly. "Someone will hear. It was nothing, just a brief conversation we had before I approached your father to ask for your hand. " As Lydia struggled to control her temper, she felt a wash of color sliding over her face and throat. " Annoyance nearly suffocated her.

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