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By Edward Cook Sir

ISBN-10: 9004149783

ISBN-13: 9789004149786

"Targum Onkelos" is the oldest entire Jewish Aramaic translation of the "Pentateuch", and it has performed a massive position in Jewish exegesis during the centuries. even if the vocabulary of "Onkelos" has been incorporated within the significant rabbinic dictionaries, there hasn't ever been a quantity dedicated completely to the vocabulary of "Onkelos". this thesaurus, in accordance with the traditional serious version, comprises the entire vocabulary of the targum, plus geographical names, with bibliographical references to cognates in different Aramaic dialects. will probably be a huge support either to scholars first encountering the language of the Targum, in addition to to experts looking an intensive remedy of its lexical good points.

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Gen 43:30; Ex 7:28. 3 Tg. PsJ at Deut 14:13 reads wbya black kite, which is the ibbo. ayhd atmkwaw arwyj atyyd, the white or EDWARD COOK 10 [Derived from Middle Persian andaron, according to DJBA; but possibly derived from Gk. a)ndrw&n the men’s apartment in a house, the banqueting hall, etc. (Liddell & Scott). v. ] bwzya, emph. ab;wzOyae n. m. hyssop Ex 12:22; Lev 14:4, 6, 49, 51-52; Num 19:6, 18. [DJPA 48 (targumic only); DSA 15 (SamTg only); cf. v. ] ak;yae, var. akyh interr. where? Gen 37:16.

Aj;lwdub] n. m. bdellium Gen 2:12, Num 11:7. v. v. ] lydib] prep. because of; conj. ] ˜ydibi n. m. pl. magic Lev 19:31; 20:6, 27; Deut 18:11. v. db V); see Tg. Isa. 44:25, where BH µyDiB' is rendered by ˜ydibi. ] qdb, suff. 3 f. s. hq'dbi n. m. breach, weak point Gen 42:9, 12. ] qdb vb. ) Gen 39:11; 44:5, 15; Deut 13:15. ] rdb vb. ] lhb vb. ) Gen 45:3, Ex 15:15. ] 12 S. Shaked, “Qumran: Some Iranian Connections,” in Z. Zevit, S. Gitin, and M. , Solving Riddles and Untying Knots: Biblical, Epigraphic, and Semitic Studies in Honor of Jonas C.

V. awh. v. ] jna vb. ) Ex 2:23. ] an:jn'a] indep. pers. pron. v. v. v. ] ˜ynIai, ˜ynIyai indep. pers. pron. v. (hnyn); P-S col. ] sna ˜ynyh; DJBA 119 (archaic); GCPA 57 vb. ) Gen 21:25; 31:31; Lev 19:13; Deut 28:29, 31. v. ] çn:a,] emph. aç;n:a] n. m. ] wtna n. f. See wtya. yswtna, pl. emph. yaes;wtuna' adj. gent. Orthosian Gen 10:17. [Cf. v. ] ˜ydsa, pl. + suff. 3 m. sg. yhiwOds;ai n. m. pl. headrest Gen 28:11, 18. v. ] wsua; n. f. ad…s;y ai pillow; healing Gen 3:6. ] ylfsa, pl. abs. ˜w:l;f]sau, var.

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