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By Brook Manville

ISBN-10: 1578514401

ISBN-13: 9781578514403

The "knowledge revolution" is largely approved, yet strategic leaders now speak of the logical subsequent step: the human capital revolution and the necessity to deal with an expert humans in a completely varied method. The association of the long run has to be not just nimble and versatile but additionally self-governing and values-driven. yet what is going to this destiny association appear like? and the way will or not it's led? during this considerate publication, organizational specialist Brook Manville and Princeton classics professor Josiah Ober recommend that the version for development the longer term association may perhaps lie deep some time past. The authors argue that old Athenian democracy used to be an creative method to organizing human capital in the course of the perform of citizenship. That historical answer holds profound classes for state-of-the-art forward-thinking managers: they have to reconceive trendy "employees" as "citizens."Through this provocative case examine of innovation and excellence lasting 2 hundred years, Manville and Ober describe a stunning democratic association that empowered tens of millions of people to interact for either noble objective and hard-edged functionality. Their e-book deals undying guiding ideas for organizing and best a self-governing firm. a different and compelling imagine piece, "A corporation of electorate" will switch the way in which managers envision the management, values, and constitution of tomorrow's people-centered companies.

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Their plan stymied the Persians despite their numerical advantage and threw their forces into confusion. With Persian momentum lost, heavily armed Greek soldiers jumped up from their posts on the Athenian boats and leaped from ship to ship, slaughtering the Persian crews. Survivors who swam to the island of Salamis were cut down by awaiting Athenian foot soldiers. The Greek underdog utterly routed the forces of the favored world power. Against all odds, a democratic fighting community had defeated a colossal monarchic military machine.

Phormio, as a leader, deserves much credit for the victory, but his strategic insight was not the only factor of success. The audacious maneuver on the spur of the moment by the anonymous commander of the Citizenship in Action "eleventh ship," and the astonishing skill of its oarsmen and helmsman, tell us that high-level capabilities and cleverness were expected of all Athenian naval personnel. Moreover, Athenian ships themselves embodied the ideals of democratic culture. They were lighter and faster than those of other Greeks, and we know that they were developed, through iterative innovations in previous years, in tandem with the development of specialized training and rowing techniques—by citizens, working together in teams, and spirited by the values of politeia.

He saw clearly that Athenian greatness was a direct product of the public practices of the people themselves— Citizenship in Action that the power of collective knowledge and collaborative engagement for the public good was an unstoppable strategy. He worked through the Assembly of citizens to promote institutional changes that served to make Athens more fully and effectively democratic. Through Pericles' inspiring leadership, a more aggressive and wide-ranging reward structure—payment for public service to Athens—was introduced; this encouraged Athenians at all levels to devote even more of their time to furthering the good of the organization as a whole.

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