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By Illa Podendorf

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You may make some static electricity by r u b b i n g a balloon which has been blown up. Now see whether the balloon will cling to the wall. It will cling because it has been charged with static electricity. You might p u t a piece of tissue p a p e r on a black board and rub it. It will stick to the black board until its charge is gone. Static electricity works best on a cold day. 8. * th hear and see static electricity if you do this You may both hear ana experiment How can I hear and see electricity.

How can a bell be connected with two dry cells so that it will ring? Use cotton-covered copper wire. Connect two dry cells together. Be sure you connect a positive terminal and a negative one. This is important because electricity goes from the positive to the negative. The positive terminal is in the middle and the negative one is on the outside. Connect a wire to a switch and to one of the terminals of one of the dry cells. Connect a wire to the other terminal on the other dry cell. Connect a wire to the other end of the switch.

Stroke t h e needle with the magnet. W h e n the magnet reaches the other end of the needle it should be raised away from the needle and brought back to t h e starting end. T h e stroking should be continued fifty'to seventy-five times—always stroking in one direction, and with one end of the magnet. N o w see w h e t h e r your steel needle will pick u p a pin. If it does you have made a magnet. You could make a compass out of your magnet. You could lay the needle on a cork and float the cork on water.

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