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By Michael Webb

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IDEA # 97 Go for a drive either early in the morning or at dusk. Get a CD/tape that contains sounds of nature such as Sounds Of the Rainforest and play it as you hold your partner's hand and drive. IDEA # 98 The day before your partner's birthday buy some helium balloons, streamers and flowers and hide them in a closet. When your partner has fallen asleep, string the streamers around the room and bring out the balloons and flowers. Place them around the bed so that your partner wakes up to a real birthday surprise.

Place the framed manuscript and the CD in a box and give it to your partner as a special gift. IDEA # 87 Pick your partner up for a date and blindfold her before driving to a special destination. Try to make the destination something really unexpected like a table set up at the top of a cliff or a dinner on a boat or old-fashioned ship. It needs to be something that will have an impact when she removes the blindfold. IDEA # 88 Have a really big pillow fight. Set up for it by buying two pillows that are filled with feathers.

This could be the name she was called by her family when she was a little girl or something that is special just for the two of you. com 101 Romantic Ideas IDEA # 86 If you are musically inclined, write a love song for your partner. Call it something like "Natasha's Song". Produce a professional looking manuscript, print it out and get it framed. Record your song onto CD and take a photo of your partner and get a print shop to create a CD cover if you can’t create one on your computer. Place the framed manuscript and the CD in a box and give it to your partner as a special gift.

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