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By Helen Otway

ISBN-10: 0572033958

ISBN-13: 9780572033958

Caricature duo make interpreting a voyage via gruesomeness - extra fascinating than the common reference book.*Gruesome proof are well known on radio, television and in e-book format.*Appeals to oldsters because it encourages childrens to widen their reading.*Children will take pleasure in telling family and friends approximately their analyzing.

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Your nerves send messages to the brain that you’re in a cold environment, so the blood vessels swell to warm you up. American mountaineer Aron Ralston had to take drastic action when a boulder fell on his arm and pinned him to the ground in Blue John Canyon, Utah. After five days, desperation drove him to amputate the arm with a penknife. Queen Elizabeth I was so afraid of having one of her rotten teeth extracted that a loyal Archbishop had to have one of his teeth out first to reassure her. Blood is made up of 92 per cent water.

The monks who originally created the cheese used to pound it with their bare feet! A family in Virginia opened their box of fried chicken to find a whole battered chicken’s head inside! A Florida jogger survived for four days on swamp water and leaves when he was trapped waist-deep in mud after taking a shortcut while out running. The farmer helpfully says that the meat ‘tastes like crocodile’. The main ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which comes from fiery chilli peppers. The spray causes tears, pain, coughing and temporary blindness.

The world’s most pierced woman, Elaine Davidson, can put her little finger through the hole in her tongue. qxd 11/6/07 5:13 pm Page 31 31 The rare but fatal brain disease kuru is also known as laughing sickness, as its victims go through a stage of bursting into laughter, before they develop ulcerations and eventually die. NASA aeroplanes used for training astronauts have the nickname ‘Vomit Comets’, as the weightlessness that passengers experience often makes them throw up. Characteristics of tetanus are muscle spasms in the jaw and difficulty swallowing, which is why the disease is also known as ‘lockjaw’.

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