Discipleship Dog

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Little dog, Big answers.


Little dog pic Throughout the Moldovan countryside there are hundreds of towns and villages of various sizes. While some adorn the hillsides others are tucked away and almost forgotten. One such village is Novi Tomi. There are few streets and even fewer conveniences, but there is a small evangelical church that worships with real faith! When we visited that small church, we heard a grandmother’s story of faith that had impact long after her days.

Grandmother’s eyes were dim making it difficult to read the Scriptures, but she was always faithful in prayer and worship. She had such a habit of church  attendance that her dog soon became her spiritual companion. On Sunday mornings, they walked together as Grandmother prayed for Grandfather, who was never interested in joining her. All too often, her attempts at sharing her faith with the old man left her in tears. Grandmother’s health worsened, soon she was too weak for the long walk to services, but her prayers continued until she rejoiced in heaven.

There’s no doubt that Grandfather missed Grandmother’s presence. After so many years of marriage, he probably even missed her talks about Jesus. He never paid attention to what day it was,  just that the long gray days ran together.

One quiet morning, he noticed the dog was missing. He never much liked the dog, but it was Grandmother’s friend so he became more curious over it’s long absences. One day he caught a glimpse of the dog leaving the yard and decided to follow. Grandfather moved so slowly, but could see the dog in the distance down near the church. ( I hope you see where this story is going.)  Grandfather followed the dog to church and found him lying under Grandmother’s usual seat. Service was about to start, so old the old man sat down. Week after week they came and Grandfather found faith in Jesus, the answer to Grandmother’s prayers!

Never forget, if God will use Grandmother’s dog, He can use you!

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