Why are we here?

Guiding Principles (How we are committed to operating.)
•Reproducible within the culture
•Intentional relationships
•Discipling spiritual leaders through life on life Training
•Develop teaching and training opportunities for multiplication


Core Values
•We believe facilitation is our primary concept of ministry. We did not come to be pastors or the primary teachers. Our goal is to have Moldovans fulfilling these key leadership and presentation roles.

•We believe in casting the vision to Moldovan spiritual leaders and then to believe God for a movement of new communities of believers.

•We believe in developing Moldovan spiritual leaders to make disciples who reproduce themselves; leading to the establishment of new communities of believers.

•We believe life on life investing is the primary key, both, to influencing Moldovan spiritual leaders and to entrusting (2 Tim 2:2) the Gospel to be multiplied into the lives of other Moldovan leaders.


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